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10 reasons why Enersoft needs to be part of your Montney evaluation!

Montney operators often talk about the challenges caused by the region’s unique geological heterogeneity. By leveraging Enersoft’s expertise and technological innovation, ‘cracking’ the secrets of the Montney just got a whole lot easier.We set the stage in this video, which shows you just how quickly and affordably Enersoft can scan your core and/or cuttings

Then check out the top ten reasons using Enersoft’s instruments and technologies can help you make the best decisions around well placement, design and completions, which ultimately support enhanced project economics in the Montney!

1) High Res Photos - Industry leading imagery!

Every client should have a high-resolution, permanent digital rock record in their browser that gives them valuable data in just two mouse-clicks!

2) XRF Quality and Quantity = Better mineralogy

With Enersoft's custom XRF instrument, clients will benefit from results that are ultra-sensitive, fast and affordable. We stand out from peers or competitors because our instrument can detect sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg) and chlorine (Cl) and we sample significantly more points. Predicting dolomite leads to better (and highly variable) Grain Density, and of course we detect sulfur! (H2S) With this level of data, our clients often create other ternary diagrams derived from element counts / ratios.

Pictured Below: Enersoft's custom XRF instrument.

3) Continuous TOC from Short Wave Infrared

Do you know where your hydrocarbon storage is? By using Enersoft’s technologies, you can quickly and seamlessly scan and find out on a millimetre (mm) scale!

4) Rock Mechanics

How much more could you get out of your rock with greater insights into its properties? Imagine being able to access critical data on structural fabric, net-to-gross, laminations-per-metre; the possibilities are endless.

5) Rock Geochem

At Enersoft, we enable clients to gain precise detection of calcite, dolomite, pyrite, anhydrite, sulfides and other minerals. We use XRF mineralogy, SWIR detection high-res imagery and artificial intelligence (AI). No matter what you need to uncover, Enersoft can detect it ! !

6) Petrophysics / Lab Integration

Enersoft’s extensive capabilities and innovative technology enable us to integrate wireline and lab data with each scan in order to present clients with the full picture, including valuable zone summaries and other high-end deliverables that are frequently requested by clients.

7) Superior Software

Once you’ve assembled your data, our superior core-viewing / data fusion software, complete with depth-correction and logging functionality, enables you to fully view and analyze it.

8) Cuttings

We don’t stop at just the core; cuttings can be scanned too. Give us your vials and we’ll integrate photographs, SWIR and XRF to build you robust datasets and beautiful strip logs!

Turn these

Into this!

9) Seamless Data Exporting

To ensure clients retain the ultimate flexibility with their data, Enersoft ensures that all of the data we compile is available in usable and dynamic file formats (.csv, .las, .tif) through our custom-built Petrel Data-Loader.

10) Top Ten for Ten

Capping off our top ten list is a compelling new opportunity: Scan your key core now and receive Library Data on 10 other Montney wells For a limited time only, take advantage of our ‘Top Ten for Ten’ and get all of the above run on a key well of your choosing for only $9,999.

PLUS receive all of Enersoft's regional Montney library data viewable in our cutting-edge viewing software. This represents over 1500m of scanned core plus more than 5,000 shots of XRF to help you better understand the Montney!

Enersoft Regional Montney Library Data - On-the-shelf and ready to ship to you now



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