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What Can Be Done With Amazing Imagery

Updated: May 1, 2020

At Enersoft, we have spent the past five years perfecting core imagery. We've invested millions into instrumentation, constructed the world’s first virtual core tables that can handle ‘deep zoom’, and developed simple solutions that use basic SLR cameras to shoot hundreds of thousands of core photos. Both our lab-based and on-site robotic cameras are constantly ‘clicking away’. Watch the video below for an example of our innovative technology at work.

World's First Deep Zoom Core Table

Why did we make such a significant investment in imagery? Read on to learn about our top five reasons:

1. Geology is awesome and rocks are beautiful and inherently timeless. We know that there's a good reason why a group of insanely passionate people spend their careers thinking about and working with rocks. Go to any great kitchen and take a look at the counter tops…..

At Enersoft - Beautiful Rocks are Great to Meet Around

2. We can use Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to quantify the composition of the rocks based on the images we collect. For oil reservoirs, we have even developed a workflow that uses imagery to understand how oil flows through pores in the rocks. For mining, we measure every speckle of sulfide and can make instant lab tests.

Top - Map of Sulfides; Bottom - The Original Imagery

3. Geochemistry and mineralogy are vastly improved by adding camera channels to hyperspectral information. Some minerals just don't produce adequate hyperspectral signatures for identification, yet they are easy to detect using imagery. If it can be seen with the naked eye, Enersoft can quantify and outline it using machine vision.

Comparing Hyperspectral Pixels to Photograph Pixels

4. Critical structural information and insights can be gleaned from the photos, along with grain size and other key particle data. Using photographs next to laser or optical tomography adds valuable insight to interpretations.

On the Left - UHD Photograph of Oil Sands; On the Right - Laser Profile of the Same Image

5. If seeing is believing, then imagery represents data that everyone can comprehend. Data-driven resource companies who focus on expanding their knowledge and understanding the rocks that underpin their business are typically better positioned to succeed. Although the term "data fusion" is an overused cliché, due to the vast benefits offered by Enersoft’s integration, it perfectly captures exactly what we are doing.

Data Fusion - Downhole Data Compared to Imagery and Hyperspectral

With the five reasons outlined above, we hope our reasons for investing in imagery are crystal clear.I hope you enjoyed reading our first blog post !Please subscribe here to stay current with new developments and exciting insights from Enersoft. We look forward to sharing.

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